Madeline McIver

Welcome to the vibrant world of Madeline McIver, RTS Law Group’s latest addition and a true Charlotte original! Born and raised in the heart of our bustling city, Madeline brings not just her legal acumen but also a zest for life that’s as rare as her native Charlotte roots.

Madeline’s journey to RTS Law Group is as colorful as her personality. A proud graduate of North Carolina Central University, she majored in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, honing skills that make her a natural fit for our dynamic legal team. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When she’s not navigating the complexities of the legal world, Madeline is a force of nature in the fitness arena. As a certified personal trainer, her discipline and dedication shine through, mirroring the commitment she brings to her paralegal role. Her college days weren’t just about hitting the books; she was also hitting the gym, training clients with a passion that’s now channeled into her legal career.

Madeline’s love for sports isn’t confined to the gym. A soccer aficionado, she boasts a high school legacy of scoring the game-winning goal in the state semi-finals and assisting in the state championship victory. She continues to fuel this passion by playing in a co-ed adult league, showcasing teamwork and strategic thinking that perfectly align with our legal strategies.

Her vibrant spirit extends to exploring Charlotte’s culinary scene, where she’s always up for trying new restaurants with friends. This foodie adventure reflects her open-minded approach, always eager to explore new perspectives and ideas.

In quieter moments, you’ll find Madeline strolling the greenway or the rail trail in South End, accompanied by her loyal four-year-old lab, Buster. This duo reflects the perfect balance of energy and serenity that Madeline brings to our team.

Madeline’s aspirations reach far beyond the legal and fitness realms. With dreams of scuba diving certifications and an Australian adventure, her bucket list is as ambitious as her career goals. Plus, her past experience as a youth sports referee showcases her fair play and leadership qualities.

At RTS Law Group, we’re thrilled to have Madeline on board. Her unique blend of legal knowledge, athletic prowess, and genuine enthusiasm for life makes her a perfect fit for our team. With Madeline, it’s not just about the legal documents; it’s about bringing a holistic, dynamic approach to everything we do.

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Areas of Practice

  • DWI
  • Criminal
  • Traffic
  • License Restoration