Police writing a speeding ticket to a man in a car

Don't Risk Losing Your License

Get help from a speeding ticket lawyer in Charlotte, NC

Even minor speeding tickets could cause points to accumulate on your license, and could eventually leading to a suspension. You don't have to let points build up uncontested. RTS Law Group in Charlotte, North Carolina can fight on your behalf. Our speeding ticket lawyer will attempt to have fines and penalties reduced or dismissed entirely to give you a chance at defending your license. We routinely represent individuals in court, many times without our clients needing to be present.

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Was your license revoked?

If a citation cost you your license, our speeding ticket lawyer may be able to help. Our attorney will review your case and may find a way to make an argument for reinstatement. If the revocation isn't overturned, we can explain your options and help you through the suspension process so that you can legally get back on the road as soon as possible.

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