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What is guardianship? A guardian is someone appointed by the court to act on behalf of a “ward,” a person who cannot take care of himself/herself. Guardians are often appointed for children whose parents can’t take care of them—but that’s not the only reason for ordering guardianship


How can our guardianship lawyers fight for you?

Guardianship isn’t just for children. There are other reasons why a person might be in need of a legal guardian, such as:
• If the ward has physical limitations (i.e. is in a coma or unresponsive).
• If the ward is mentally incapacitated.
• If the ward isn’t able to manage his or her own affairs.
• If the ward is incapacitated due to advanced age.

If a loved one is unable to make cogent decisions for him or herself, he or she may need a guardian to be appointed by the court. There are two types of guardians:

A guardian of the person (GOP) makes decisions regarding a ward’s health care, comfort and maintenance. A GOP arranges for the ward’s training, education, employment, rehabilitation or habilitation.

A guardian of the estate (GOE) takes possession of the ward’s estate, pays bills using the ward’s assets and generally manages the ward’s property in the best interests of the ward.

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