Don't Let Drug Charges Ruin Your Life

Don't Let Drug Charges Ruin Your Life

Talk to a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte, NC

If you're charged with a drug-related offense, you want to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. RTS Law Group offers legal services in Charlotte, NC. Get in touch with us for legal representation if you're facing potential prison time or fines as a result of drug-related charges.

We understand the stress an arrest can take on you emotionally and financially. Our goal is to provide the best possible outcome in your case. We'll gather all the facts and evidence to determine the best course of action. Call or text 704-552-4444 today to schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte, NC.

We'll discuss all of the facts

Our attorney will talk to you about the potential benefits that rehabilitation may have on the outcome of your case. We handle cases involving possession, intent to sell and intent to distribute. Your case will involve:

  • The offense you're charged with
  • Your criminal history
  • The quantity of drugs you had

We'll discuss the legal ramifications of your charges and the potential penalties you face. Hire an experienced drug crime attorney in Charlotte, NC today.