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Can I Be Convicted of DWI/DUI if I Blow a 0.07 BAC?

Unfortunately, yes.  There are two (2) ways to convict someone of DWI.  The first is through a number (BAC or Blood), and the second is by showing general impairment (mostly through field sobriety tests/admissions, etc.).  But what if you blow a 0.07 and do well on the field sobriety tests? You still could be convicted, although […]

Pulled over for DWI: Do I blow or not blow? (Part 2)

This is main question I receive from friends, people at parties, individuals currently being pulled over, and by clients during their initial consultations.  This is a two-tiered answer.  Blowing on the side of the road via the Portable Breath Test:  This is something you are not legally required to do.  Law enforcement will try to pressure you into […]

PJC or Not to PJC

PJC’s (Prayer for Judgment Continued) are issued by judges, not a deal given by the DA’s Office.  This is a common misconception in NC, with individuals feeling like they can just ‘use a PJC’ and then find out that the Judge can deny it.  PJC’s are great tools to prevent license suspension and DMV points, […]

Should I hire a Lawyer for my speeding ticket?

Posted on June 8, 2016 by Ryan Smith I field this question often.  I advise people that I can paint my house, but if I want it done properly, and without inconvenience, then I’ll hire someone.  Additionally to that, when someone is on a group insurance policy, has had tickets in the past, have multiple […]