DWI / DUI Defense

Let Top-Voted Lawyer Ryan T. Smith in Charlotte, NC take you step by step

Being charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI) in North Carolina, similar to DUI in other states, is an offense prosecutors take seriously and vigorously prosecute. Just being charged may have long-lasting consequences (loss of license, loss of job, reputation issues, etc.).

Some people want to run and plead guilty.  People walk in our door because they want the fight.  That is what we do, and you'll quickly understand that we love what we do.  Scroll down to get many of your questions answered.

How can our DUI lawyers fight for you?

Police officers in North Carolina are cracking down on DUI offenders. With a rise in the number of DUI cases comes a bigger chance of mistakes being made. We can fight for your case by countering police evidence or arrest methods in cases where:

  • The officer made a mistake while collecting evidence.
  • The breathalyzer testing instrument malfunctioned.
  • Your rights were violated at any time during the arrest.
  • The officer relied on a field sobriety test.


Questions/Issues we will discuss in your FREE CONSULTATION

  • What is a DWI / DUI?
  • Will RTS Law Group represent me in the county I was charged?
  • Can RTS Law Group get my license back immediately?
  • Was I charged properly?
  • What deal will the District Attorney's Office likely offer me?
  • Consequences / Penalties of pleading Guilty to DWI / DUI?
  • How could this effect my Driver's License?
  • Trial Game Plan
  • Costs for Representation
  • How long will the entire case last?

Who is Managing Attorney Ryan T. Smith? His office is in Charlotte and he serves residents throughout the entire state of North Carolina. His goal is to minimize the consequences of the charges to both your personal and professional life that come with DWI charges and conviction.

He is proud to be known as “The DWI Guy” and has the experience you need to have on your side. He offers a free, no-obligation consultation. He will evaluate the circumstances of your case and provide you an honest assessment, including what you can expect the outcome to be, the chances of winning your case, and discuss with you the best way to proceed.

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